Modern Brand Builders: The Importance of Having a Distinct Voice (from Dick Costello, pre-Twitter)

This is an absolutely essential post for anyone trying to build a brand today. It's from Dick Costello, before he become the head of Twitter. It's not surprising that it comes from 2007 when social media was really taking off and brands and companies were trying to humanize themselves for the first time, but it's still as relevant today as then. People you are trying to connect with have plenty of choices, plenty of alternatives to choose from. The kind of experience you deliver really can make the difference. And, having a clear, unique, distinctive voice is key to that. 

It is a competitive advantage for you to have a unique voice in your market. Companies with unique personalities give themselves a leg up because people want to embrace other people, and we all dislike antiseptic and bland corporate communications.

I should also point out that when I say it’s important to have a unique voice, I don’t mean that you have to make sure people think your company is fun and cool. Your company voice can be serious or esoteric and still your customers will appreciate you for having a unique voice.

Note that you don't need to be "young", "modern", or "tech savvy". you just have to avoid coming off like a distant,  glossy behemoth. 

Bonus: I love that he namechecks Moosejaw (@MoosejawMadness) , one of the brands i cite the most frequently as doing a great job breaking through via a clear, distinct voice (in this case: Funny, sarcastic, energetic).

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