AOL the 5th Network, Example #10: Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollak launching late-night show on AOL | Inside TV |

AOL is getting into the late-night game, with Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, and Kevin Pollak joining forces for a nightly online video series.

All three men already have popular online programs or podcasts: Smith — who has had a busy week at Sundance — has his Smodcast Network, Pollak has Chat Show and there’s The Adam Carolla Show. Now AOL is teaming with those existing shows to create a daily video series.


AOL is aggressively moving to be the leader in the next gen of TV. Big bets on branded video entertainment. They've got the ability to really move strongly here: Great brands, great distribution, strong base of ad support.

@shivsingh :Advice for Agencies

It hasn't been very long but already the world looks very different being on the corporate side here at PepsiCo partnering with many different agencies. Here are some perspectives that maybe valuable for digital (and traditional) agencies working with organizations the size of PepsiCo.


While you can't throw a rock without hitting a social media expert these days, there are few out there that i'd call "bad ass". This guy is one of them. Some very smart reflections on the current (scary) state for corporate marketers.

AOL Partners With Reality Show Producer Endemol On Women’s Programming | paidContent

is adding another production studio to its roster of partners, as it continues to reshape and expand its content. The company has tapped Endemol USA to collaborate on developing new, “reality-based” online programming that will be initially tailored to women. The partnership may eventually broaden to include other areas of programing and demo targets, David Eun, president of AOL Media & Studio, said in the announcement.

The deal with Endemol follows November’s news of a partnership with Michael Eisner’s Vuguru, which has agreed to create at least six original scripted series for AOL.


This is another important step in AOL's transformation into a major "TV" network.

How Media Will Relate to Facebook in the Future

he site announced last night that it now offers granular subscriptions by Facebook. Instead of just "Liking" the entire site and getting all its articles pushed to your Facebook newsfeed, you can now limit your Like to particular authors and some topics on the site. I just subscribed to trailblazing journalist Robert Fisk's Independent articles on Facebook. This might seem like a small change – but it's not. Media sites all over the web are sure to implement this kind of feature soon.


iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0 | Monday Note

There is no way around this fact: the first batch of magazines adapted to the iPad failed to deliver. Six months after the initial excitement, the mood has turned turned sour. See the figures below, they show the downturn in circulation for the much publicized iPad versions of a few American magazines:
– Wired: 100,000 downloads in June, 22,500 in October and November : down 78%. According to the Magazine Publishers Association, that’s not even a meager 3% of the average print copy circulation for the first half of 2010 — for an iconic tech magazine…
– Vanity Fair: 10,500 in August, 8,700 in November, down 17% and less 1% of the print sales.  (These numbers include single copy sales and subscriptions, which represent the bulk of the print revenues for US magazines).


Good reco for publishers to innovate with Tablets. Stop thinking about "magazines".