What I’m Focused on Right Now

September 2022

January 2022

  • Figuring out ways to avoid Winter in MN
  • Trying to talk myself out of buying an old Jeep
  • Getting ready for the summer gravel events. Using Zwift and Trainerroad to get in shape.
  • Building Fahren, with a focus on leading remote teams
  • Watching the Crypto market evolve, with a focus on DAOs
  • Building a podcast for Fahren, called Business Drivers
  • Following Duke basketball
  • Really enjoying George Saunder’s StoryClub on Substack
  • Working on a software tool for curators, to help digital marketers and product leaders get and stay on top of what’s going on out there.
  • Going deep on Bhuddism
  • Understanding Stoicism
  • Reading, for reasons I can’t articulate, Infinite Jest