It’s Over: Slanderous Minneapolis

This sad, Gawker stroking blog should be a clear sign that the blog revolution is over and the days of the “second ring”, echo blogs are upon us. What made the best early blogs good – authenticity, cheekiness, directness- gets lost in the emulation and imitation that marks blogs like Slanderous Minneapolis. Same Gawker/Wonkette/Defamer tone. Check. Weird obsession with sighting local “celebrities” out in the wild? Check. Hates Uggs? Check. Uncomfortable feeling that someone is trying too hard? Check.

Why doesn’t the guy (i’m assuming its a guy) just call his site “I want to work for Nick Denton and be bitchy for money”. You know he’s reaching (desperately) when he name checks George Corporal (a local guy who does commercials for his auto glass company) as a local “Celebrity”.

Look, Minneapolis is never going to be New York, so the “Gawker for Minneapolis” thing is always going to seem just a little “off”. It’s like that faux english accent you tried for a couple months in college, when you asked people to call you Stephen, instead of good old Steve. Accept the fact that you live in Minneapolis and it isn’t, despite good intentions, the mini-apple. Uggs, despite their awful-ness, are just a little less awful here because it’s actually really cold here. Wear your flannel with pride.

You know what’s sad, though? It’ll probably work. He’ll get some interest from City Pages and will probably start writing for them someday. Maybe he’ll show up on a couple local radio stations, desperate for something edgy. But the DJ will be thinking “If I were in New York or LA, I wouldnt have to deal with losers like this guy”.

Massive Ego ? Practical Business Move?

I like websites. And, though I’m embarrassed to admit it, I like “The Apprentice”. So I couldn’t help myself. Like Vince Neil going for bottle of Jack and a pair of hookers, I had to check out the website for the Apprentice’s own Kelly Perdue. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he had a website. I shouldn’t have been surprised it didn’t suck. But holy crap! Look at that thing! It’s as overly polished, finely groomed and, yes, as robotic, as he comes off on screen.

How Much Pot Has Dave Winer Smoked?

I love reading Scripting News, Dave Winer’s website about technology (RSS, XML, blogging, outliners). I check in a couple times a day. I had always had an idea in my head of what Dave would sound like. But, now, due to the magic of podcasting & audioblogging, you can now hear what he sounds like. So, what does he sound like? An old surfer pot-head. He’s got that pot-head speech pattern, that little "heh heh heh" laugh, man. But a likeable, smart one. Remember when you were in college and you had that English/History/CS teacher that was always the non-conformist, the one you knew you could buy some weed from if you really need it? Well that’s what he sounds like to me.

My Son Eats Healthier Than I Do

Coop, the five year old, goes to a good kindergarten and he loves to learn about stuff. As a matter of fact, he’s kind of a badger about his favorite topics and loves to coach me and Andrea when he’s learning about something new. So, Tuesday I get voicemail from Coop (501.1K/mp3) about his lunch and, clearly, he’s grasping the idea behind the food groups.