Econ Nerd Uses Basic Excel Skills to Ruin A Respected Study

Herndon was stunned. As a graduate student, he'd just found serious problems in a famous economic study — the academic equivalent of a D-league basketball player dunking on LeBron James. "They say seeing is believing, but I almost didn’t believe my eyes," he says. "I had to ask my girlfriend — who's a Ph.D. student in sociology — to double-check it. And she said, 'I don't think you're seeing things, Thomas.'"


This one is for the Ecel nerds among us. I love stories like this, but it just reinforces the paranioa i feel everytime i make some analysis based on my own excel docs: Are my formulas right? Is my math right?

The Well Deserved Fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin creator, Visionary and Genius

The more i read about it, the more fascinating the whole Bitcoin thing is becomeing. How could a whole ecosystem grow up around a fake monetary system cooked up by guy in his bedroom? 

TL;DR version: The creator, a mysterious guy named Satoshi, set it up so he got a super small amount from every bitcoin his algorythm created into the future. 

"The graphs were made by a new block chain analysis technique I tested that consist on tracking the ExtraNonce fields in the coinbase field of the coinbase transaction, which is the one that creates bitcoins. As far as I know, is hasn’t been done before. In the following graphs each dot is the creation of 50 BTC. I have only analyzed and printed graphs from block 0 upto block 36288. I wonder what will I get when I process the remaining three years.
The extraNonce fields increments every time the nonce fields (which is 32 bits) overflows, so it’s a slow realtime clock, until the application is restarted, in which case it goes back to 1. Note the X-Axis in the graphs is not time (as it’s said on the graph). It’s the block number (that’s a mistake)." 

Target’s ‘Show Don’t Sell’ Content Strategy | Digiday

“The entire brand ecosystem is moving towards building relationships with consumers through various means like content and social media,” Hausman said. “We aren’t moving away from selling, per se. ‘A Bullseye View’ is our way to build relationships that will eventually lead to sales. Consumers want to connect with brands. They want to understand who we are and what our stories are.”


Smart. working w/16 bloggers, strong visual style. Not nearly integrated enough into their commerce work.

Sustainable Digital Ecosystems

Healthy digital environments should leave you feeling refreshed and energized or empowered in some way. But in order for them to do that, brands need to think of them as something that can exist long-term and have that sort of effect from the outset.


Good article on healthy digital ecosystems. I like this one because it really pushes the concept of an ecosystem and makes it understandable for us in the digital space. You’ll find a lot of similarities with the key points we’ve been hitting for over a year: Be generous, make the world better, etc. No good visuals, but a couple terms I might use(landfill marketing and “digital landfill”).