Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Mothers Day
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So, this is the first Mother’s Day without my mom. It was pretty sad, but everyone at the Cuene house tried their best to hold it together. There was a mass for her Sunday, and we all got together at my sisters on Saturday night for a cookout. Everyone felt a little off, as you might imagine.

The “It’s Done” on the tombstone is a long, long story. My dad put it there as a bit of an honor to Rosie, because she used to always say it as a way to close out a discussion or argument. It was a way to say, essentially, “get over it and move on”. It became sort of an inside joke as they dealt with Rosie’s illness, so he felt it was appropriate. But, there’s another side to the story, a deeper meaning of the line. It’s a rich symbol to me for something a bit more sad. But, that’s another post.

I’ve Got a Lot of Smart Friends: Help Me, Please

Pretend for a minute you work at one of the biggest TV advertisers in the US as an interactive marketer. You see the media landscape shifting dramatically right in front of your eyes, with advertisers, ad firms, and media guys running a hundred different directions trying to make a good guess at what’s coming next. One guy knows.

You have 30 minutes with Eric Schmidt, of Google. 

Please dear reader, (and i’ve got  very smart readers), what do you ask him?