Official Google Blog: A whole new experience for Google Analytics

Tell me again why i’m paying through the nose for Webtrends?  This might now be the best metrics app around, for business weasels like me.

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2 thoughts on “Official Google Blog: A whole new experience for Google Analytics”

  1. Indeed, why _would_ anyone pay for WebTrends now?
    Googalytics does have a few tricky spots — limited # of goal scenarios you can setup, for example, but you can hack around that.
    Custom report definition would be a nice to have too, but you can work around THAT with exporting data and messing with it in Excel.
    WebTrends ought to move heavily towards an analytics/consulting model instead of a software/hosted svcs model. Even with Googalytics, you do need someone to make sense of the numbers.

  2. My account just got upgraded. Very nice new interface – can’t push it to its limits with my personal site (who wants to read that anyway?).
    Still wondering what Google is doing with all of that data they are collecting. Have they ever really answered that?

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