Boing Boing: ABC news reports on “debate” that hasn’t happened yet

If you watched the daily show last night, you probably saw the bit about filing a report on the debates before they actually happened. It was sort of a commentary on the laziness of the media and the willingness to take their story cues from the campaigns themselves. Funny stuff. This however, is just kind of sad. I guess I understand that a lot of this is in fact boilerplate, but still.

An Investment In Design Pays Dividends

article in the IHT comes at an interesting time. I’ve been pondering this subject – the value of a well designed, integrated customer experience – for a while now. At my job (big, slow company in the financial services industry), we’re looking at evolving and improving our service levels to customers, but I don’t think the leaders of our effort are thinking as big as this little bank does. These guys are using design as a strategy, just like Target, the Gap, Mini Cooper, etc.

I’m also impressed with the courage it took for someone to authorize a change as big as Umpqua undertook, with all it’s organizational impacts. Someone had to pull the trigger on writing a big check for the “redesign” with, probably, very little research to support the business case for a redesign. Someone there “got it” and put their ass on the line to deliver a great, innovative customer facing solution.

Who Needs the 4 Track?

Iron and Wine’s album from earlier this year Our Endless Numbered Days is getting heavy rotation on my Ipod. So is the cover of Peng! from an exclusive EP. So good, so simple. I first heard this guy/band on the soundtrack from the movie “Garden State”, though I had heard of him before. Well worth a listen for fans of slowcore, Low, Badly Drawn Boy, bedroom recorders and, generally, the southern gothic in Rock and Roll.