Shot-Online Client

A while back, at lunch, I had a brainstorm and interrupted my lunch partners. I proclaimed, “I have an idea that would enable me to quit my job and let me make millions playing games”. After I got everyone’s attention, I said, “We need to create a massively multiplayer game, like a fantasy sports league, where users can create their own frankensteinien players, form leagues, set up the rules, etc. It would be great to see what kind of freakish games come out of it.” I knew there were probably a hundred people around the globe working on something similiar at that very second. A couple weeks later, look what I saw at BoingBoing: Link: a MMG/RPG for golf. Very cool. I think I’ll try it.

Jupiter and Forrester Get on the Blogging Train

Forrester launched their blogs yesterday, starting with 6 analysts blogging on a variety of topics. They join Jupiter Research and the rest of the world in blogging. It’s about time. Not only is a way to generate traffic, but, more importantly for firms like Jupiter and Forrester, its a way to widen their nets and generate field insights. If they do it right, they should be able to generate some decent give and take with their readers and that, in turn, should give them some valuable insights and feedback.

Some advice from a prospective reader:

  • Don’t sell your research. Reference it, give away some goodies, but don’t telll us how smart you are. Prove it and let us make up our own minds
  • Go Out on a Limb – Even if you’re wrong, you can learn a lot by testing the waters with your interpretations. Trust your readers to assume you’re at least tryi ng to get it right. Then, if you realize you’re wrong, share the thought process that got you to that decision.
  • Allow comments – Forrester does, Jupiter doesn’t. Unless you’re afraid that either a) no one will comment or b) they’ll disagree with you, the blogs should allow comments. (psst – it’s good for flow back to your site, too. )

  • Like Morrissey, but Black and Canadian

    Man, I love this song from the Dears so much. It’s been such a long time since I found a song like this that stuck in my head from the first time I heard. Sure, the guy sounds so much like Morrissey that Johnny Marr couldn’t tell the difference and his friends call him Suedehead, but when was that ever such a bad thing?

    (psss – They’re going to be in MPLS in a couple weeks with the Soundtrack of our Lives. At the 400 bar, so I should go, right?)

    Also in heavy rotation:
    * Low – The Great Destroyer
    * Interpol – PDA
    * Pubic Enemy – Fight the Power
    * Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade
    * Colin Hay – Overkill (Acoustic)

    The Husband’s Nightstand

    Originally uploaded by jimbler.

    Clearly, I:

  • Start a lot, but finish little
  • Have a lot of issues with organization
  • am comfortable with chaos
  • Buy way too many books
  • Don’t know I should hang up my work shirts vs leaving them on the edge of my bed
  • Let Andrea pick out the sheets
  • Am still waiting for my mom to come put away my laundry

    And to think that getting organized was one of my New Years resolutions!