9 Man Youth Football: Thinking about Next Year & www.smartfootball.com

I'm already starting to draw up the playbook for next year. I'll be leaning heavily on the concepts Chris Brown discusses at SmartFootball.com. The guys is a film nerd for film nerds. A great example of the best kinds of blogs: Fairly narrow subject, covered passionately, written in a clear, distinct voice with a POV to admire. 

I'm going to run this play next year with the 5th graders: 


Branding/Naming: New Model Agencies

Here's a good example of how attention to detail and good copy writing can recast a tired topic. There's tons of stories in the press about how young agencies are strarting up to challenge the old agencies. A boring story would call them "new, young agencies". Smart copywrighting makes them "New Model Agencies", which works on a couple good levels. "New Model Army" was not only a great, punk-ish band that plenty of music weasels will remember, but it's a cool nod to military history, where Cromwell was responsible for putting the first real professional army into place in England. A little twist in copy makes a big difference.