Call the Blogger: Monitor Mix

My new favorite blog, from my favorite guitar player. Seriously. Link: NPR: Monitor Mix. Listen to the bridge and transition into the chorus of "Start Together" from "The Hot Rock" someday when you’re driving, and tell me it’s not just a mind-blowing guitar arrangement. Super simple, but dizzying in effect. And, don’t get me started on the drumming either.

Dork-term heard in the Wild: Mobisode

While in a meeting today (with a guy who should know better), i heard the term "mobisode" to refer to a video episode specifically designed to be seen on a mobile phone.

A) the world doesn’t need video episodes designed specifically to be seen on a mobile phone.
B) Mobisode is an incredibly irritating new term, though i can’t articulate why, just yet. It made my skin crawl.

Lesson: Please don’t create or refer to "mobisodes".