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In the decade since its publication, Michael Azerrad's book Our Band Could Be Your Life has taken on a sort of biblical quality among fans of independent music. So it's no surprise that this concert — 14 current bands performing the songs of 13 icons of indie rock at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan — occasionally felt like church. The lesson of the book — if nobody else is doing it, do it yourself — was repeated many times, and more than one musician credited Azerrad with clarifying the lessons of the earlier age at a moment when they seemed lost.

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Just to show you how far out of it i am. I just found this. what a great show! Tarpit!

Reminder: Fiona Apple is A Real Talent

Apple and Brion stay pretty close to the original, which is fine once you consider that "Everyday" without a glockenspiel would cease to be "Everyday."

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Could you please go here and give this a listen? And, be reminded of just how good Fiona Apple can be when she's working with great material (and has Jon Brion) at the board? You may forgive her indulgences that were her last couple records.

Watch this one: Consmr lets you rate, review and check-in to packaged goods – Industry

Today, Consmr, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Ryan Charles and Noah Zitsman, launches in beta. To put it simply, Consmr is like Yelp for all consumer packaged goods. While there are hundreds of review sites for movies, restaurants, electronics, video games, etc, there are no definitive go-to sites for reviews of everything else; in fact it remains one of the few categories lacking a online social platform. Until now. Consmr is a resource for reviews and social sharing on the products you typically find at a grocery store or drug store – from beverages to frozen foods to skin care.

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Key question: What's the value prop for those doing the rating and checking in? I get "yelp for CPG", but i'm not sure i get "Foursquare for cereal".

Derek Powazek – How to Turn a Fan into an Enemy in Under 140 Characters

You’d think that someone who once penned a manifesto called “Listenomics” would take the time to, yaknow, listen. But Bob has made his hatred of online comments quite clear. So to him, I’m not a loyal listener, or a valued member, or even a published author with a long history of running newspapers, magazines, and websites. I’m just another online troll, spewing vitriol because that’s what people do online.

That he didn’t take the time to see who he’s talking to, hear what I was saying, or even calm down enough to disagree without insult, makes me sad. Not just to lose a personal hero, but also because it shows how much work we all have yet to do before we can really fulfill the promise of the great networked world we’re building.

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super post from an OG blogger remarking on Bob Garfield, who should know better by now.

White collar guy!

Coop and I spent the whole day working on a fort for him and Eli (though coop slept in to 10:50, so he only worked half the day!) it just another reminder of how cushy my white collar job is. I’m beat! And that’s just from lugging around lumber and using a variety of power tools, not even real labor! I’ve got a newfound respect for the people that *really* work, not just sit behind the desk like me.