Reminder: Fiona Apple is A Real Talent

Apple and Brion stay pretty close to the original, which is fine once you consider that "Everyday" without a glockenspiel would cease to be "Everyday."


Could you please go here and give this a listen? And, be reminded of just how good Fiona Apple can be when she's working with great material (and has Jon Brion) at the board? You may forgive her indulgences that were her last couple records.

One Comment

  1. Lütfen buraya gidip bu dinlemek vermek misiniz? Ve, o yönetim kurulu harika bir malzeme (ve Jon Brion) ile çalışan Fiona Apple, ne kadar iyi olabilir hatırlattı? Onu son birkaç kayıtları ona günah affetmek olabilir.


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