Why is a Soap Company (Method) Talking about Cocktails?

Because they know their audience really well. Ok, almost every audience likes a good drink, but the Method bloggers know that their audience is interested in the same things they are. And, they also know that they can demonstrate their values by showing their appreciation for sustainable cocktails, and that their audience would probably be interested. More importantly, the Method people know they are really selling the supplies for a lifestyle, they’re selling the lifestyle itself, and every lifestyle goes better with a cocktail.

This is a great example of how to use your corporate blog (Plus, its got a great name! "People Against Dirty")

Link: people against dirty blog: Method Mixology.

Have I Mentioned How Much I love the Internet?

For helping me learn about things like this video of the Radiohead song "Nude". I want to hang out with people like the guy who created this. Unbelievably cool, beautiful and insane at the same time. Imagine the time it must have taken to come up with this? But, it’s worth every second. Please, go be inspired by this creativity and make something beautiful….

Link: Big Ideas (Don’t get any) on Vimeo.

Sports + Cause Marketing?

Nice post on AdFreak, about an Austin TX ad shop supporting a "near elite" runner. Here’s the article:: AdFreak: Austin agency gets behind a real underdog.

There’s an opportunity for a bigger brand to take this on. Home Depot sort of does it with their Olympian athlete ads, but what about someone like Nature Valley? Or, Kashi? What a powerful way to communicate to your target audience that you care about the same things, with the same passion, that they do?

Examples of Connection Plans?

I’ve been running into the phrase "Connection Plans" or "Touchpoint Plan" more frequently lately. Makes me scratch my head a bit. As i learn more about the ad business (it’s dying) and try to apply what i know about the web world (things are going well there, thanks), i realize its the Ad biz’s way of doing what web folks know as experience planning. Or, at least that’s what i think right now.

There’s conferences, cool job descriptions, and even some theorizing. I’d love to see some examples of the deliverables that get described as "connections plan". Anyone care to share?