Love: Subaru “Cut The Cord” Commercial

For several years now, Subaru has been promoting a very ethereal yet highly motivating RTB: love. They’re hardly the first car company to try this. Mercedes plowed a big ol’ pile of dough into their “The Love Never Fades” campaign in the mid-2000s, and Volvo explored the concept way back in the ’80s with their ubiquitous “I Love My Volvo” bumper stickers. Subaru, on the other hand, is trying to own love in its entirety by building its campaign around the line, “Love. It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru.”

“Cut the Cord” is the latest example. In it, a father anxiously and tenderly sends his young daughter off on her first day of school. He reassures her with messages of encouragement and love, but after she bravely climbs aboard the bus he gets into his Legacy and drives alongside it, stopping only when he sees that she’s laughing and obviously happy. His voiceover copy says, “I’m overly protective. That’s why I bought a Subaru.” Then another voice gives the love line and we cut to a super with the Subaru logo and the words Confidence in Motion. The accompanying music adds a relevant touch of melancholy.


Maybe its because i'm the target audience, but i think this is a great spot. It's a moment any parent knows, and it speaks to those of us who choose the vehicles we drive with our kids care in mind. Plus the casting is fantastic, the pictures are superbly shot, and the editing is really great.

The Long Idea

“In addition to the ‘big idea,’ Kandace talks about the ‘long idea,’ ” Mr. Murphy said, “one that has underneath it a constantly evolving dialogue” that reflects how “you’re always listening to and engaging with consumers.”

According to Mr. Summy, McCann Always On “adds a number of tools, a strategic and analytic component,” to the agency’s abilities, giving it an advantage “in unearthing truths about consumers and figuring out the right message to be delivered at the right time.”

“Tom and I are ready to walk into a pitch,” Mr. Summy said, “and for that pitch, Kandace has gathered data from 10 million signals in the digital domain, which we’re using for insights to create the long idea” for the potential client.


"The Long Idea" is a term i'm going to borrow liberally.

Cool! With 50 Million Users, Flipboard Opens Magazine Creation To The Masses To Take On Tumblr, Pinterest | Tech Forecast | Fast Company

But if the secret sauce of Flipboard has been its content curation, there's always the chance that such an open service could dilute the Flipboard brand and its high-quality content. But McCue is wary of such issues. "Anytime you do something like this, you're going to have some people who create really awesome stuff and some people who don't really create particularly awesome stuff," he says. "You'll have a mix. The same tools we use to find great content, we'll use to find great curators, and then we'll surface those to our readers." The startup is also launching a content search engine to help users sift through this onslaught of new content.


It was a matter of time, but i didn't expect it this soon.

If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free | Smashing Magazine

Our postmodern society is more fluid and diverse — a world bursting with myriad electronic media and display capabilities. A contemporary brand identity must reach beyond its visual manifestation in print or TV, to encompass how the brand speaks across a multitude of technology platforms, how it interacts with its audience and how people experience it at an emotional level.

Therefore, consistency — while still desirable — should not necessarily be the main driver of a brand identity system. In fact, we ought to consider total consistency an unachievable ideal: it’s impossible, and even counterproductive, to try to predict and codify all potential instances of a brand’s current identity. The vast number of stakeholders, marketers and agencies handling brand assets for the types of projects undertaken in our dynamic business and technology environments makes it very difficult to exercise constant control over how a brand is expressed. Better to embrace executional variance in a smart way, by establishing loose parameters that nonetheless can create a familial feel for an otherwise very rich group of brand applications across media and across continents.


Come back and read this.