The Long Idea

“In addition to the ‘big idea,’ Kandace talks about the ‘long idea,’ ” Mr. Murphy said, “one that has underneath it a constantly evolving dialogue” that reflects how “you’re always listening to and engaging with consumers.”

According to Mr. Summy, McCann Always On “adds a number of tools, a strategic and analytic component,” to the agency’s abilities, giving it an advantage “in unearthing truths about consumers and figuring out the right message to be delivered at the right time.”

“Tom and I are ready to walk into a pitch,” Mr. Summy said, “and for that pitch, Kandace has gathered data from 10 million signals in the digital domain, which we’re using for insights to create the long idea” for the potential client.


"The Long Idea" is a term i'm going to borrow liberally.

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