Being Peter Kim: The need for services in social technology

Being Peter Kim: The need for services in social technology. this is a very important post for those of you thinking about the social media business and your (agency) role in it. I’d want to be in the service business if i were starting today.

I’m still thinking about his point that a service focused business will, by necessity, have to be a high end business, pointed only at the largest companies. Yes, they have the largest budgets.

Key question: Assuming the best social media businesses will be a combination of software AND services, can a vendor bring in an efficient costing service by having the best technology?

Belkin: Another Social Media Cautionary Tale

Companies like the one i work for are still trying to figure out what to do about social media, how to work with it and, occasionally, against it. The ad agencies that we tend to hire, for the most part, aren't very helpful right now, as they are still trying to figure out a) what business they are really in and b) what the hell is going on. 

So, a lot of companies are taking it upon themselves to work in the social media space. Comcast is doing a good job. But, here's a tale of a company that should have had a strategy and plan in place a long time ago. Belkin: Fail.

(UPDATE: 1/18 pm) Belkin president responds.Post at Crunchgear.