Stewart Buttefield & Tiny Speck: Super Smart Team w/Game for the Future

It’s still such early days. The field is wide open. Zynga, Playfish, CrowdStar and Playdom all started early enough. They could take advantage of the news feed posts to get more users. But there was tragedy of the commons. They put too many messages into the news feed and Facebook viewed it as spam. Facebook cut back on that kind of distribution. There is a big enough audience for games now.


This guy is so, so damn smart. It's very, very easy to see how he got his seed money with minimal effort. I'm in as an alpha tester, and it looks dynamite, very rich so far.

The next generation of digital talent: where will they work? | Creativity_Unbound

This is what’s coming. A new generation of talent, ambition and digital chops. They’re the kind of people we all need in our agencies and marketing departments.

We have two choices. We can offer them opportunity to build things –products, platforms, services – with us, or watch them take their newly learned skills and passion somewhere else.

What is your company going to do?


Peter Merholz: The Trouble With UX from Agencies

The thing is, these agencies do not come at user experience from an honest place.


When criticizing ad agencies, you have to begin at the core — advertising, as it is widely practiced, is an inherently unethical and, frankly, poisonous endeavor that sees people as sheep to be manipulated, that vaunts style over substance, and deems success to be winning awards.


This is a remarkable essay (not your typical post). The main point is: UX from ad or interactive agencies can't be great, because the organizations themselves are not great, the business of advertising is (morally, ethically) wrong.

Merholz' argument is really with the business and work of advertising and how that industry ruins it's people. But, agency problems aside, i'd really like to dig deeper into the idea that better work comes when the organization's soul is well aligned with the work. Can you separate the work from the workers?

If you care deeply about good user experience and you've had experience working in or with ad agencies or interactive agencies, i'd suggest you read this and the follow-up.

What happens when you focus on the wrong metric: A Faustian Bargain : CJR

But then, manna descended. The tech team had finally built a way for us to publish a slideshow. Until then, The Big Money didn’t have the capability to run simple photo galleries that would earn a page view—and display a new ad—after every new click. Within days we ran our first slideshow, a visual essay about the history of credit-card design. Overnight, we found our 100,000 page views. Over the next few days, the slideshow made up 40 percent of our total traffic.


Sometimes metrics work to get you focused. Sometimes, you pick the wrong metric.

Official Google TV Ads Blog: This is big. This is FiOS + Google TV Ads


And the future of TV comes into focus a little bit more…