It’s Time to Make Goofy Apps Again

We’re about to enter another great era of digital creativity. When you look at the tools that are coming at us to make digital things – voice contral, AI, gestural interfaces, presence indicators, smart devices – it’s clear we’re going to have to rethink a lot of things. That means, unlocking creativity and imagination as we explore what the technology can do. My kids (who both are interested in technology) will have the same chance to sandbox with AI, voice interfaces, and other cool stuff like i did with HTML and visual basic.

I LOVE this post for it’s focus on play and creativity and it’s thoughtfulness in articulating how to pull together all the tech.

What an amazing time we’re in.

Shot-Online Client

A while back, at lunch, I had a brainstorm and interrupted my lunch partners. I proclaimed, “I have an idea that would enable me to quit my job and let me make millions playing games”. After I got everyone’s attention, I said, “We need to create a massively multiplayer game, like a fantasy sports league, where users can create their own frankensteinien players, form leagues, set up the rules, etc. It would be great to see what kind of freakish games come out of it.” I knew there were probably a hundred people around the globe working on something similiar at that very second. A couple weeks later, look what I saw at BoingBoing: Link: a MMG/RPG for golf. Very cool. I think I’ll try it.