Post -Digital Era? Not Yet. But interesting article nonetheless

The best companies have harnessed the digital mindset and taken the shareable, ongoing, interactive, participatory nature of digital and created brand experiences that matter to people where they ought to — in their real, everyday lives.
Take Nike Plus and Fiat Eco Drive — arguably the most compelling brand ideas of the last decade. They may have had a digital heart but they manifested themselves in meaningful ways.


Its about time. Look out ING Orange.

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Online Journalism Entrepreneurs –

Apple quit his part-time gig as director of interactive media for the Web site in New York and began recruiting. It wasn’t hard to find people eager to join. Employment in New York’s publishing sector shrank by a tenth last year, leaving behind a mass of glum, jobless writers. The good news, though, was that one of the very forces that was sapping industry profits — the Web’s demolition of barriers to entry — also made it quite simple and cheap for anyone to become a journalism entrepreneur. Using open-source software, which Apple hired programmers to customize, The Faster Times could get up and running for less than $20,000


This is what all of us running large, content heavy sites are either 1) up against or 2) betting on (some of us are doing both). The old models (publishing, enterprise content management systems) are falling away, and new ones are literally popping up everyday.

AdageL Decent Analysis of FB local

There will be significant opportunities for local businesses.
This will be the biggest thing to happen to local businesses since paid search. The ability to leverage frequent visits to their locations to passively and actively influence others to do the same, deliver special offers, or redirect local foot traffic at a moment's notice can lead to a direct, measurable impact on in-store sales and word-of-mouth.


Worth Sharing: Six Things You Need to Know About Facebook Connections | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Facebook first announced Connections a few weeks ago, and EFF quickly wrote at length about the problems they created. Basically, Facebook has transformed substantial personal information — including your hometown, education, work history, interests, and activities — into "Connections." This allows far more people than ever before to see this information, regardless of whether you want them to.


Lots of confusion about FB's new changes. Not a lot of clarity in the analysis i've read. This is pretty good.