The Squeeze Play on Digital Agencies

CEO-founder Michael Lebowitz said Big Spaceship is fast because it's "flat" and not organized around the traditional cascade approach, where strategy flows to production to design to technology.


I'm seeing this first hand. A lot of digital agencies have mimicked the structure of their mainline agencies. Clients want to be close to the work, to the humans actually doing the production, not separated by 3 layers of acct structure in the name of "service". If you're straight with the client that they're not going to the "service" they're used to, they'll be fine. Most are willing to trade some ass-kissing for some more dollars to put into the program.

Josh Cohen Of Google News On Paywalls, Partnerships & Working With Publishers

Below, you’ll find Cohen’s comments on these and other issues, along with a summary of how Google handles free, registration and subscription-based content. I spoke with Cohen in early October (a busy month in search has kept me from getting this posted until now). His comments are even more relevant given that talk of news publishers perhaps blocking Google have only ramped up in the past weeks.


Good review of comments from Google on the idea of paywalls, etc.

Clients Should Have One Agency

Agencies should not be labeled “digital,” for digital is only a tactic. I’d say the same with “traditional.” What clients should ask for is strong strategic work that drives results. Let the agency—regardless of its label—decide on who to sub-contract to if necessary.


Well worth a read, especially for the smart visual.

Logic+Emotion: How To Create Advocates For Your Business

1. Improve your product, service or offeringStart there. You have to have something of value to offer. If your product, service or offering needs improvement, actively get out into your ecosystem and engage them in the process. Part of this is crowdsourcing, part of it is co-creation but the end result is that your constituents will become active participants in the process. You don't have to do everything they say, but you might be surprised at the insights and data you'll get in return. 


really good. Worth reading.