Google Search is rotting and the results aren’t quality

I’m trying to teach myself a new technique (it’s a functional, marketing related thing) and i’m googling for useful articles. As i’m searching, it’s bringing me to a bummer of a realization? Google as a search engine has reached middle age: Bloated, lazy, coasting, going through a midlife crisis. All the ads. Hard to tell what is SEO chum and what is actually good content.

In trying to serve everybody, its not really serving anybody as well as it used to.

In a “meta” exercise, i did some searching and evidently this phenomenon is being seen elsewhere.

Google Search is Dying

Ask Hacker News: Has Google Search Become Quantitatively Worse?

@mwseibel: Google is no longer presenting high quality search results.

A Couple Good Updates on Recent Google Search Changes

Google has been making a number of changes recently to it’s search algorythms. From Penguin 2.1 (to do a deeper analysis of sites to reduce spam) to Hummingbird (to improve consumer search results, especially for longer more complex searches). Here’s a couple useful overviews on what’s going on.

Most users shouldn’t notice much change. And, assuming your SEO strategies are focused on high quality, legitimate, long term objectives, most marketers won’t notice a TON of difference and won’t need to make many changes right away. If your team has you doing some sketchy linking approaches, you could be in trouble.

Key questions to ask your SEO/SEM team:

  • How will Penguin affect our site
  • Do we need to review our linking strategy or content strategy in the short term?
  • What changes will we need to make to our content and linking strategies over the long haul?