Like I was in High School Again: REM live in Dublin

“R.E.M. Live At The Olympia,” is a two-CD set featuring 39 songs from their acclaimed 2007 working rehearsals in Dublin, Ireland. R.E.M. set up camp at the venerable Olympia Theatre in Ireland’s capital city and tested new material over five nights before passionate, capacity crowds. This live album was produced by Dublin native Jacknife Lee who, along with R.E.M., co-produced Accelerate, the album which emerged from these shows. “Live At The Olympia” gives fans an opportunity to hear those songs at their earliest stages of development. In addition to the new material, the band also served up twenty-nine other songs, spanning their entire career, all of which can be found on this album.


Been listening to this album the last few days and it's really bringing back memories. Some good, some, well… It's hard to overemphasize the importance this band's music played in my life. they were the soundtrack to my mid-teens. Peter Buck's Rickenbacher 360d (with Rick-o-sound) was my "precious", and I spent hundreds of hours behind lawnmowers to save up the $800 to buy my own (I still have it!). Listening to "Driver 8", those Mike Mills vocals, is like the time-port to hot summer days trying to learn how to play guitars. If it wasn't for them, god only knows what would have happened to me.

From RSS to “Stream Readers”

Netvibes, original widget homepage, is morphing into something much more interesting. The next version of the service, dubbed Wasabi, is a potent stream reader which consolidates news feeds, blogs, Twitter and Facebook streams, email, and much more in an extremely manageable interface. Wasabi will become available early next week in a private beta, but you can start signing up for it now.


Its's about to get really interesting, as more and more specialized apps for reading the stream come online. First there was streamy, now this.

Fred Wilson: Is Blog Reading Mainstream?

We started investing in blog related businesses early in the development of our first fund and have now invested in delicious, feedburner, adaptive blue,, disqus, tumblr, and zemanta. We also invested in twitter because we thought it was a quicker and faster form of blogging.

The thesis that blogs were a new form of publishing and self expression is playing out nicely and we are pleased with the progress of our companies and the market as a whole. And I think we are not anywhere near the end game.


I think it is mainstream. The data Wilson points to helps make the case. I think a lot of people don't realize they are reading blogs when they land there from Google searches.

Dachis’ Social Business Design: Can We Simplify This Language?

Wow, there’s a lot of good thinking in this overview of Dachis Group’s overview of Social Business Design, but it’s kind of hard to parse through it. There’s plenty of jargon, neologisms, and vague terms (“interconnectedness”) to make it hard to know exactly what they’re doing. I get it, but it took some time to really make the connection. I wonder what Common Craft could do to make their approach immediately clear and simplified. Great, thought-provoking ideas…


Update:Here’s a presentation from Armano that makes it clearer…