Coining a term: Asstimating

Walking out of a meeting today, talking about next year’s tech budget, I thought I coined a new, very useful term:

Asstimate (v) – to make a wild ass guess as to a number; to pull a number out of your ass. Usage "I’m not really sure how much that would be, but if I had to asstimate, i’d say about $4MM."

I was pretty excited at my neologism, but then a quick google search proved me to be not as clever as I thought. You can’t hide from Google. 

Joel on Software

Joel on Software has a nice dissection of the "simplicity as a strategy" idea, that a lot of people talk about without really thinking it through all the way. Read also, Don Norman’s argument that people don’t really want simplicity, but they want simple usability AND all the features. I’d argue that people don’t really want the features, per se, but they want the option to use the features, in future, in the event they ever really need them. Until then, they don’t want to be bothered with trying to figure them out, much less see them or have to use them. Or, maybe it’s just me.

Page Views are Dying

Just when the ad industry is starting to get their arms around the ‘net, the main comparative metric is becoming obsolete, with no clear successor. Evan Williams brought it into focus for a lot of us in August. Now, Steve Rubel has a timely article on the demise of the page view, and seems to be pulling up a front row seat to watch:

"As the page view platform crumbles, there’s going to be a shake out.
Everyone is going to scramble to find a metric that helps them compete
for ad dollars. Enjoy the show."

We can argue all day long about what should get measured instead (and we should, because we need something else), but that’s almost beside the point. The ad industry is losing one of the few tools for comparing online efforts and there is nothing on deck to take it’s place.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who’s been watching their own metrics. Page views is really a function of site design and coding, not necessarily interest or "engagement."

But, what next? More coming….