The selling of the Blogosphere—Technorati’s big push into monetizing its treasure trove of data collected about millions of blogs

Technorati collects millions of data points a day. Now they want to sell what they are learning: The selling of the Blogosphere—Technorati’s big push into monetizing its treasure trove of data collected about millions of blogs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even though the firm is selling you the data stream. Is it worth investing in learning more about how your audience is talking about you? Of course. Tom Foremski seem sort of surprised that Technorati would encourage companies to get involved in the conversations that are happening every day, but I think he’s more worried about companies handling it badly, in a “big brother” kind of way.

For the Cycling Geek in all of Us: Floyd Landis’ Power Output

Landis is one of the more powerful cyclists in the peloton. And, he’s sponsored by Cycleops, a training company. So, it makes sense that they’d give us some insight into the wattage that Landis is putting out. You can , Link: see his stage five power performance at the Bicycling Magazine website. Plus, Alan Lim, a physiologist who works with Floyd, is giving very detailed analysis of the day’s ride and the metrics. For geeks like me, this is pure heaven.

Zabriske’s Great Ride Ends; Armstrong in Yello

Poor Dave Zabriske. After a career making prologue on Saturday and a couple days in the yellow jersey, Dave’s great ride came to a crashing end today as Zabriske endo’d into the barriers. The team went on, as they should have (to both protect the yellow jersey and to gain time for Basso, their GC guy), and Zabriske lost the Jersey. Cyclingnews has a nice write up here.

Oh yeah, Armstrong has his yellow jersey. He should carry it into Paris. Unless, he tries to give it to Hincapie or something. That would actually be cool.

Tour De France Photos

The best photos I saw from last year’s Tour came from a St. Paul based photographer, Carol Yang. Whereas Graham Watson does a great job of catching the action, Yang catches the drama, the intensity better than any photographer I’ve seen. You can veiw them atonline. This year, she’s covering the whole race, and it appears she’s posting her photos online everyday. Check them out here.

To get a sense of how beautiful/cool Yang’s photos are, check out this spectacular picture from last year’s race:

OLNtv’s Tour Site Is Down?

…I keep getting "MySQL connect …" errors on the OLNtv site. It’s not the opensource software running the site that’s at fault. I wonder how much they had a chance to stress test the site before the first day of the TDF. It takes a lot of balls to launch a major site like this the day before one of their biggest events.

Tour De France: Allez!

I overslept a lot today, but my body is smarter than I am. Somewhere, deep down in the brains of my internal alarm clock, something went right: I woke up at exactly 7:29, with 1 minute left to spare before the Tour coverage starts on OLN. So, I’m double fisting it this morning, with Phil and Bob and (goddamn, they brought him back!) Al Trautwig on TV, and the live coverage on

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