Adage Doesn’t Get it (Again), Part 53

So, Adage, you’re on twitter now. Glad you made it. But, jackasses, stop just posting links to your stories on your own site. Share the love, spread the love around, tell us what you think is interesting, but not necessarily ready for the magazine?  What you are doing is essentially shotgunning your RSS feed to your twitter pals. And, uh, that’s what RSS is for.

Adage on twitter = FAIL

Link: Twitter / adage.

I’d Love Suggestions on Great Web Strategy Blogs

My Feedreader is getting a little too routine, so i posted to FB/Twitter a need for some new sources for web strategy blogs. They’re starting to roll in. Here are a couple from a friend who just moved to take a dream job in Boulder (His annotations, not mine":

ttp://  (Personal Favorite) (must read) (hit or miss) (analytics heavy, but smart)

I’ve been reading Armano for a while, but the others are new to me…

Bon Iver – Tres Bon

I’m a huge music fan, and it’s hard for me to find music that is truly special. Well, Bon Iver is it. Honestly, truly from the heart. Like Iron and Wine, but maybe even better. You know, the last thing the world needs is another guy with a guitar, telling you how sad he is and how his heart has been broken, and everything else. But i dare you not to be mesmerized and awestruck. Listen to "Wolves 1&2", and tell me that it doesn’t chill you, scare you, make you want to go a little deeper into the music.

(And, no, i’m not biased because he’s "my people", and made his record alone in a cabin in northern WI, but it doesn’t hurt)

Tell me this song doesn’t break your heart: