Adage Doesn’t Get it (Again), Part 53

So, Adage, you’re on twitter now. Glad you made it. But, jackasses, stop just posting links to your stories on your own site. Share the love, spread the love around, tell us what you think is interesting, but not necessarily ready for the magazine?  What you are doing is essentially shotgunning your RSS feed to your twitter pals. And, uh, that’s what RSS is for.

Adage on twitter = FAIL

Link: Twitter / adage.

One Comment

  1. Jim
    I think the same can be said for a lot of sites/people. I love adrants, but they’re doing the same thing. At least Steve had the decency to indicate as much before he started tweeting. Give me something new from your Tweets, not just a regurgitation of your site. Too much noise these days and not enough signal.


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