This is How the Davies Brothers Got Started, Too

January 2005 brother act
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This is Coop and Eli pretending to play “Teenage FBI” by Guided by Voices. Or, it could be “Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters. Coop got all Ray Davies on poor Eli and started bossing him around, telling Eli he wasn’t playing something right (I never did figure it out). But, Eli kept banging away happily.

I hope they keep doing this kind of stuff, but I also hope they learn how to play their intstruments better.

Late New Year’s Eve Picture

January 2005 eli face paint
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I’ve been offloading some photos from my camera, so there’ll be a couple more posts like this one coming up.

This is from about 8:30 on New Years Eve. We decided to have a family celebration this year. That meant Andrea and I picking up some really good champagne and getting the boys some fun toys to play with. Mayhem ensued. A & I got through the first bottle and to about the half-way point of the second. The boys got all the way through the bag of face paint, as you can see.

It was really interesting to see the boys’ reaction to the glasses and mustaches we drew on them. Eli loved it and cried when we tried to wash it off. Coop cried when he looked in the mirror and when Eli was laughing at his little fake facial hair and Elvis sideburns.

Earwhig #55

Probably 2 or 3 times a week, I get the meloday of John Coltrane’s "Giant Steps" caught in my head and it becomes the running theme for the next couple hours. I always loved that album. It was one of 2 tapes I listened to over and over for 6 weeks while I trekked through Australia alone in the fall of 1990*. And maybe because that was such a good time in my life, I keep remembering it. But, then again, it might be because its both a ditone and a quadratone progression between B, G and Eb. Or something like that. Check out this explanation of the melody in the song.

* the other was a mixed-tape given to me by my old friend Michelle. I listened to it every night when I went to sleep, trying to come up with the secret meaning behind the song choices, since we all know, every hand-made mixed tape (at least back in the pre-MP3 days) had a secret meaning when one friend gave it to another.