Bay Area Technology Professionals Can’t Get Hired as Industry Moves On –

Most of them hold advanced degrees in engineering and have more than a decade of experience in the technology sector. They fill all of the seats in the City Council chamber and spill out into the aisles.


This isn't a geo-related thing. I see this today here, in MPLS. I think it comes down to energy, ambition, and curiosity. If you got it, and you're making it clear (via social media, your blog, your participation in the networking events), i think you'll be ok.

I think the key message is, "don't stop learning, don't stop trying to be relevant, stay up to date."

Will TV Become As Irrelevant As Radio? @PSFK

He told me that he still felt people at brands were over confident about TV — thinking that there still wasn’t a medium that had its reach and impact. The concern he had was that while the TV is still on in many homes across the globe, it has lost its place and become background noise in the same way radio evolved.


This perspective is still deeply ingrained in a lot of the brands i deal with. We hear – all day long – that there's more TV viewing happening than ever.

I do think the comparison to Radio is a little forced, but apt. Our brands are incredibly good at the media side of TV; We've really made it almost like a math problem instead of a creative messaging story.

The problem is, being awesome at TV right now is like being the best radio advertisers in the bus circa 1963.

Smart Fridge Manages Your Grocery List And Monitors Food Freshness @PSFK

PSFK stopped by the Samsung booth at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see what the future of refrigeration might look like. Samsung is currently showcasing a fridge that comes with an embedded touch screen that connects to the Internet and lets users shop straight from their fridge. (This feature is currently concept-only in the United States.)


I think this screen needs to be bigger. And, it's clear that this will really be content play.