Sad: A Pinterest spammer tells all (via

Pinterest is by FAR the easiest social network to spam right now. Quite possibly the easiest ever to spam. It requires almost no work to get started and no money to invest. You just have to know how the system works and how you can fix it to your advantage.


There's always someone. Worth a read though, as it helps to illuminate (a bit) some of the growth of pinterest. It's not all suburban mom's pinning pictures of the rooms they want to make for their kids.

Confessions of an Agency CEO | Digiday

I am big believer that, whether they want to admit it or not, agencies are defined by their clients. A client’s willingness or desire to do interesting or innovative work is what’s going to help you or hurt you in your attempt to create successful campaigns, build a portfolio, win awards and recruit new talent. The client’s culture invariably rubs off on the agency. It’s important to consider this going in to any new relationship. Good clients are secure and accountable individuals, who know what they need to do and can give clear direction.


Worth reading twice.

Another Entrant in the Hispanic Media Landscape and companies like it are trying to reach the growing number of video consumers on computers, tablets, phones and Internet-connected televisions. Google is seeding dozens of on-demand channels that are starting this year on YouTube. Netflix and Hulu are starting original shows. And Amazon is believed to be getting into the business.


Smart CPG's with content to distribute should take a good look at this.

Peace-Seeking Punk Rock Pizzaiolo. – Thinly Sliced, Generously Served

The 39-year-old moved his pizzeria from the East Village of New York City to San Francisco in 2010, opening in mid September. An avid cyclist who owns nine custom bikes made in the Bay Area since 2003, Mangieri decided his passion for riding and the outdoors was greater than his quest for riches in the Big Apple, so he closed his doors, took a year off, got married, packed it all up, and headed west.


If this guy likes good beer, i might have a man-crush. Or, at least one more dude to hang out with on the west coast.

Great writing, as always by Gary Boulanger, an old friend who always inspires me to focus on art, craftsmanship and integrity.