Worth Reading: 10 Ways to Build a Business Culture Like Apple – Forbes

The right business culture doesn’t require a cult atmosphere, but it does require a disdain for concepts like conventional wisdom and status quo. It does have to be built around ideals, employee permission to be creative, and something other than just making profit.

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Kind of obvious, and there will only be one apple, but this is worth quick scan. I think the part about avoiding the status quo is critical, but much harder than it sounds, especially when the corporate culture is very distinct and based on being a "winner" for generations. Just saying…

A Data Scientist You’ve Never Heard of Is Now the Master of Your Domain

My data scientist friends tell me that machine learning has come a long way in recent years, and that the algorithms, tools, and techniques are much better than they were even a decade ago. This implies that it’s a young person’s field (and the crowd at Strata certainly bore that conclusion out). It also implies that large incumbent companies like Allstate might not be too good at it yet, and that the models they use would be considered old school by today’s data scientists.

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Big data, big opportunity. Bring on Hadoop!

Legit: Twitter and Bain

Bain spent his first few months at Twitter outside the office, meeting with ad agencies and advertisers and listening to what they wanted from Twitter. He visited 140 chief marketing officers in 140 days, sometimes with Costolo in tow. (Get it? Tweets max out at 140 characters.) One of Bain’s slides showed the path not taken: a clean Twitter website under assault from banner ads hawking lotion, handbags, and cell phones, which descend onto the page amid dramatic clouds of virtual smoke.

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I've met the team from Twitter a couple times and they are legit. Their product has a ways to go, but there are smart, ethical, value-focused people on the job over there.

Noted: No More Angling for the Best Seat; More Meetings Are Stand-Up Jobs – WSJ.com

The current wave of stand-up meeting is being fueled by the growing use of "Agile," an approach to software development, crystallized in a manifesto published by 17 software professionals in 2001. The method calls for compressing development projects into short pieces. It also involves daily stand-up meetings where participants are supposed to quickly update their peers with three things: What they have done since yesterday's meeting; what they are doing today; and any obstacles that stand in the way of getting work done.

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We all spend way too much time in meetings. I'm trying to way more of mine as "walking meetings" and i'll be trying weave more "stand up" meetings into the schedule, too.