Call the Blogger: Monitor Mix

My new favorite blog, from my favorite guitar player. Seriously. Link: NPR: Monitor Mix. Listen to the bridge and transition into the chorus of "Start Together" from "The Hot Rock" someday when you’re driving, and tell me it’s not just a mind-blowing guitar arrangement. Super simple, but dizzying in effect. And, don’t get me started on the drumming either.

I Really Will Take This Blogging Thing Seriously, But First

I try to keep this blog pretty bland and non-personal. There are plenty of reasons why, but mainly i live a very boring life and the world doesn’t need that boredom inflicted on it. With all that is going poorly across the globe, i don’t feel my pissing and moaning would make things better or worse. So, i pretty much stick to dumb stuff like "irish hotties", "golf porn", and "Multiple ipods on XP". At least, that’s what my referrer logs say.

But, evidently, this site is read by others, and i’ve gotten a few emails from former coworkers and old friends asking where i’ve been. Short answer: in a dark hole, and at a new job. Longer answer: Below.

September & October:
– Traveling back and forth to De Pere WI every weekend, watching Cancer kill my mother from the inside out, and my father helpless for the first time in my (and his)
– Some insights into the problematic way i’ve been avoiding stress, emotions, and a couple other things. THey come home to roost, and I have to start dealing with them.
– Fantastic new job starts.
– I finished my second Chequamagon Fat Tire Festival, cutting 14 minutes off my time. Start looking to next year.

November & December:
– Still on the road to De Pere every weekend
– Feeling pretty low,  but at the same time, more optimistic than ever about my future.
– Sad to see my beloved brother crushed, too, dealing with difficult times himself
– Mom dies. Dad crushed. Family shattered.
– Meet Bob, a wise man, who can help me make sense of a couple questions i’ve struggled with for a while. Glad to have met him!
– Holidays are weird with mom gone. She’s as present as ever, but not there at all. Stressful and tenative. Moreso than ever. But, Dickensian ending where we all hold hands and gain deeper, richer appreciation for the importance of having family to lean on and share pain with. Good times. Seriously.
– New job is awesome.

– Trip to Uruguay with Dad and my brother and family friends. Great trip, but missed the family
– A. goes to Las Vegas
– Trip to Google, blown mind. Great possibility. This internet thing is going to be huge!
– Feeling pretty good about the future

– Start riding my bike again (!) and feel better already. Looking forward to Fat Tire fest in September
– Stop riding my bike due to work and sickness
– Fantastic weekends at the cabin in WI, skating on the pond, making fires on the pond, great quality time with family.
– Feeling very positive about the future

More time at cabin (!)
– Great trip to AZ, with a bunch of bike riding thrown in.
– Start shopping for a carbon fiber bike to buy this summer
– Work is still going well
– The future is bright, I’m looking at shades

– Take Cooper to Kids Choice Awards 2007. Best trip of a lifetime ever.

A couple other things:
Amy Winehouse is fantastic, and her new album is dynamite. Buy it today.
– Listening to a lot of old Buffalo Tom
– Love the John Hodgeman book/audio CD. Extremely false and equally funny.
– Still trying to get in shape. That 15 lb weight loss is unicorn-esque, but I will capture it one day!
– Looking at boats. Seriously. Runabouts, you know, for the kids! At the lake!

All is good. Its getting better all the time.

Thanks for reading. Seriously.

I’m One of them And Even I Don’t Care

There was a time, not so long ago, where I’d read an article like this article about "Grups" and get all Fascinated-American-Studies-Major-Guy and start making big statements. But now, now that I actually have kids and responsibilities and stuff, I couldn’t care less. I didn’t even get three paragraphs in. (Yes, I realize that i’m saying I don’t care, but blogging it nonetheless. I will refer you to this quote by Walt Whitman).

Great stats on the decline of Mainstream Media & timshifting

At  The Long Tail. However, internet advertising and consumption keeps it’s steady march.

Nothing on tv consumption, though, and the “time shifting” impact of Tivo and DVR. I can’t remember when I last watched a major network tv show in “realtime”, without skipping over commercials. Like most users of DVR, i’m happily free for the most part. When I have to watch a tv show that’s not recorded, I typically pause it and go do something else for 10 minutes so I can watch without the commericals. Awesome. Even Cooper and Eli don’t really “get” commercials, but the few times they are forced to sit through them, the boys see the commericials for what they really are: little short tv shows in between the long tv shows.

Like They Need More Encouragement

Great, now the weasels in Washington are strokingthe heavy chip on the shoulders of the political bloggers, giving them the bloggers the illusion that they are actually really important in ht big scheme of things. “Blogging is the new talk radio,” says Dennis Hastert’s spokesman Ron Bonjean. Great, and we all know how much talk radio contributes to thoughtful, reasoned discourse.