Cool! With 50 Million Users, Flipboard Opens Magazine Creation To The Masses To Take On Tumblr, Pinterest | Tech Forecast | Fast Company

But if the secret sauce of Flipboard has been its content curation, there's always the chance that such an open service could dilute the Flipboard brand and its high-quality content. But McCue is wary of such issues. "Anytime you do something like this, you're going to have some people who create really awesome stuff and some people who don't really create particularly awesome stuff," he says. "You'll have a mix. The same tools we use to find great content, we'll use to find great curators, and then we'll surface those to our readers." The startup is also launching a content search engine to help users sift through this onslaught of new content.


It was a matter of time, but i didn't expect it this soon.

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