Watch this one: Consmr lets you rate, review and check-in to packaged goods – Industry

Today, Consmr, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Ryan Charles and Noah Zitsman, launches in beta. To put it simply, Consmr is like Yelp for all consumer packaged goods. While there are hundreds of review sites for movies, restaurants, electronics, video games, etc, there are no definitive go-to sites for reviews of everything else; in fact it remains one of the few categories lacking a online social platform. Until now. Consmr is a resource for reviews and social sharing on the products you typically find at a grocery store or drug store – from beverages to frozen foods to skin care.


Key question: What's the value prop for those doing the rating and checking in? I get "yelp for CPG", but i'm not sure i get "Foursquare for cereal".

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