Evan Williams: Web People vs .dot com people

Worth thinking about this take on the folks in Silicon Valley (and, for that matter, New York)  a couple times (from this longer interview about what Medium is trying to do). Especially, these days. 

Williams has a fascinating way of grouping business types in Silicon Valley between those who successfully managed companies through the dot-com bust (“Web People”) and those who packed up their empty bags and left (“Dot-com People”).

He explains that Web People “loved the web. We loved what was possible and we loved the creativity and we were in it to create; we weren’t in it to make money.”

So, when the bubble burst, Web People stayed — some ultimately making the (very) profitable products we all use today. “The Web People are more sustainable because they kept going. Because they’re driven to create, they’re attracted to the web because of its creative potential. They weren’t scared away when it seemed like it wasn’t an instant path to riches.” he explains, “They were persistent.”

I think most of the people that i see at more traditional ad agencies are .dot com people. They are still trying to figure out how to cash in vs. how to create something new and amazing. 


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