Kaepernick, You Magnificent Bastard!

Kaepernick put on an amazing show in last night's destruction of the Packers. I'm a real Packer fan, but i have to acknowledge what a special performance that was. After the 1st quarter pick six, he was unbelievable. Even Ted Thompson, the packer GM was blown away by it. He was, as they say, a Magnificent Bastard

The MB, as i'll call him, is a special breed. He's the guy that crushes your best plans, and leaves you smiling at the art of it. The one who takes your promotion at work, but leaves you noting his moves for your own future plans.  He's crafty, devious, and sneaky. But, in an artful, easy-to-admire way. He's remarkable, for both the right and wrong reasons. You hate him, but you love him. 

And that was Kaepernick last night. Breathtakingly athletic, very cool under pressure. A charismatic punk. I mean, what QB gets called for a taunting penalty? 

Yesterday, you could see the old school (Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco) in stark contrast to the new (Kaepernick, RG3, Russell Wilson). And, while the change in the athlete playing the QB spot is clear, you can also see the shift to the pistol offense. We should have seen this coming; Smartfootball has been warning us of this change for a while. For a good overview of the offense that Kaepernick is running and winning with, check out this good article (The Future is Already Here: How the Pistol Offense is Changing the NFL) on SBnation (they've been just killing it lately with great articles).  

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