A job that didn’t exist 2 Years ago: Tumblr’s Curator-in-Chief: A Red Couch Interview with Christopher Price | Inside Flipboard

What does the editorial director of Tumblr do, exactly?
It’s pretty insane, between the way the job has changed and the sheer increase in blogs, to try to find amazing, original content to promote. That is really the core essence of my job: to surface up the people who deserve to be seen, who are making really great stuff. Whether it’s art, GIFs, traditional, non-traditional or disruptive content, if it’s original I think Tumblr users deserve to see it.

Who deserves to be seen?
You know it when you see it. It helps that we have community editors, people I trust who are actually illustrators or GIF creators. We look at their ‘likes’ or their re-blogs—the whole re-blog tree of the way Tumblr works—and it allows us to find who, or what, is good at the moment.

via inside.flipboard.com

This job is great. And, it's new and mainly possible because of open standards and the general support of the remix culture.

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