Just Don’t Call it “Content Marketing”; It’s “Marketing”

For the last three or four years, the term "Content Marketing" has been bubbling around the fringes of digital marketing. Originally the domain of SEO guys, it's become clear to many that content does more than juice your organic rankings. It's key to building modern brands. 

Let's all agree to not ghetto-ize content by putting it into it's own marketing specialty. While we have to be strategic in how it's created, managed, and maintained, i don't believe we really need dedicated "content strategies". We just need good marketing execution. I don't want our brands thinking about a "content marketing strategy", i want them to understand that content is the blood of great brand building, and thus is a cricital consideration at the core of their holistic brand building efforts. 

The brands we all hold up as exemplars of great content are not doing it as part of a content marketing strategy. they are doing it because they've got a clear purpose, a reason for being. And values that guide their decisions. And act according to those values to acheive their purpose. Content comes out naturally, not as some effort to game the latest Google algorythm. 

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