Jason Gay: Nobody Suffers Like Jens Voigt – WSJ.com

Voigt is adored because he rides a bike like it's his last day on it. He is full gas, always. A race like the Tour de France can be maddeningly conservative—riders at the top of the standings watch each other, cover attacks, avoid risks, do just enough to cling to their position.

But Jens? Jens pummels the race. He rides like he's fleeing a bank heist. He rides like he's got a paper route with 100,000 papers. Voigt on a bike is a boxing match—relentless, confrontational, jabbing, punching, attacking.

via online.wsj.com

Sweet tribute to my favorite rider, Jens Voigt!

One Comment

  1. kırtasiye firmaları Jens yarış hayatı felç etti. O bir banka soygun kaçan gibi O sürmek. 100.000 kağıtları ile bir kağıt yolu var gibi sürmek. Bisiklet Voigt, batıcı, delme, saldıran, bir boks maçında acımasız, çatışmacı.


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