Squirrel Bait – Live

So what I know about Squirrel Bait is merely what is on the internet and from maybe a couple eyewitnesses. That's it. Seems like Louisville's Squirrel Bait, albeit popular in retrospect, wasn't nearly as documented as some of the heavier hitters on Homestead in the mid-80's. And you know what? I'm okay with that.Over the years, I've been looking for live recordings of Squirrel Bait with very little success. The Motorola Cloudburst demos seem to be out and about, but screw that, I want to know what they were like live! And finally, I hit paydirt.

via www.chunklet.com

At the bottom of this page is a series of MP3 of one my secret favorite bands. I was never much of a punk fan (the music). But, i got close in high school with this band. Squirrel They were my age at the time, so i was astounded at what noise they could create. It was this huge, thundering sound around songs that sounded like the perfect mix of metal, punk and good old rock and roll. It was a revelation to me, and i turned my back on the Police (the band, not the constables) forever after i heard this the first time.

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