Learn How a Designer Designs a Magazine – Newsweek Redesign @Grids – SPD.ORG

Tina's pitch was simple: make Newsweek a strong, vibrant, living brand again, and merge it with a strong, muscular news website, the Daily Beast. That meant a total overhaul from top to bottom of a major international brand. I was sold. Plus, the opportunity to work alongside Tina was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A week into the job I was sending Lynsey Addario to Sudan and hiring Dan Winters for our annual Oscar portfolio. And for the record: I was at Lucky for 5 days (not 2, Keith Kelly), and Brandon Holley is an amazing EIC, but something better for me came along, both profesionally and personally.

via www.spd.org

For those of us trying to learn (quickly) the art and mad genius of being an editor, watching the real-time evolution of Newsweek is a fun new hobby. You can learn a lot about the choices and assumptions of the leaders by looking at their output, or you could read deep interviews like this one.

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