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Demand Media Launches Blog Distribution Network

New Demand Media Studios Offering Helps Bloggers Build Their Online Brands with Expanded Distribution and Increased Visibility

BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010

LAS VEGAS & SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the 2010 BlogWorld and New Media Expo, Demand Media™, a leading content and social media company, launched the Demand Media Blog Distribution Network. As the latest innovation from Demand Media Studios, the network helps bloggers expand their online brands by syndicating their blog posts to Demand Media’s highly trafficked sites including and LIVESTRONG.COM in addition to Content Channels partner sites.

“How Do You Turn Your Blogging Hobby in to Lucrative Career”

“This new offering on our studios platform expands our mission of publishing high quality content at scale. We are already a leader in publishing original, actionable, evergreen content. With the addition of the Demand Media Blog Network, we broaden our content offerings to include timely, topical and opinion-based content from the best of the blogospshere,” said Stewart Marlborough, general manager of Demand Media Studios. “Now highly-qualified bloggers will have the opportunity to extend their individual brands to the millions of people that visit Demand Media’s websites and those of our partners.”

The Demand Media Blog Distribution Network allows bloggers to continually grow their fan base, interact with larger audiences through new distribution channels and earn additional revenue through a revenue sharing program. Bloggers who are accepted into Demand Media Studios will have the opportunity for their blog content to appear in several premium categories including: Food, Home & Garden, Health & Fitness, Finance/Money, Beauty & Fashion and Family.

Blog posts that are syndicated carry an identifying byline to ensure that the blogger’s brand goes wherever their posts appear. As an added benefit, bloggers will also receive backlinks to their blogs with each post, which may help bloggers improve the rankings of their content in search engine results. All eligible blogs will be part of the Demand Media Studios revenue share program, where bloggers have the opportunity to earn revenue based on the pageviews that their posts receive on the company’s and its partners’ sites.

To join the Blog Distribution Network, bloggers need to apply to Demand Media Studios. The Demand Media Studios editorial team thoroughly reviews and examines the content on each applicant’s website for frequency of posts, family-friendly language and a distinctive, intelligent writing style. Qualifying bloggers will then be matched with appropriate websites using a combination of editorial selection and contextual matching that map the engaging first-person perspectives of the blogger with other relevant how-to or informational content on each page.

Bloggers will also have access to key analytic insight via their Blogger Workdesk. The online tool powered by the studio’s proprietary technology platform provides valuable insight into where their posts appear, the number of views their posts receive, how much traffic was driven back to their blog and how much money they’ve earned.

For additional information the Blog Distribution Network and all of the opportunities available to professional freelancers in Demand Media Studios, visit:

If attending the 2010 Blogworld & New Media Expo, visit the Demand Media Studios “Get Discovered” team at booth # 115.

Additionally, the Demand Media Studios team can be seen at the 2010 BlogWorld & New Media Expo:

For additional information on Blo
g World and Demand Media Studios’ sponsored sessions, please visit:

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Another step in turning automated digital content distribution into reality.

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