CheckPoints: A Social Shopping App That Will Cost You Negative $0.99

Co-founder Mark DiPaolo calls CheckPoints “the first mobile shopping rewards app that lets consumers own rewards regardless of what store they’re in.” While the aforementioned apps may have been out first, a number are limited in either the number of stores they work in, or the number of products they work with. CheckPoints has products from partners such as Belkin and Tyson at launch, as well as brands like Amazon, CVS, and American Airlines. At launch, CheckPoints will work in over a million stores around the U.S., DiPaolo says.

Here’s how the app works: you walk into a store and you’ll immediately see a number of featured products. These can change depending on where you are in the store. As you walk around, if you find an items and scan it with the built-in barcode reader, you may get a little interactive game that a marketer has made for that brand. This app allows marketers to reach consumers at the point of sale when they actually have a product in their hand, DiPaolo notes. He calls this the “Holy Grail” of marketing.

Consumers do this scanning because it earns them “checkpoints” which are accumulated and can be redeemed once you have enough. In fact, for TechCrunch Disrupt attendees, CheckPoints is offering to give you the free app with credits around on it. Sure, it’s only a dollars-worth, but this essentially means you’re getting the app for negative $0.99. That’s a new app pricing category.


Gosh, another one. This one looks good. Dudes @checkpoint, give me a call.

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