Creative Exodus in Adland: It’s Just Not ‘Fun’ Anymore – Advertising Age – Agency News

Posted by Matthew Creamer on 09.20.10


Also like this quote: He came out of his Saatchi experience with the realization that, "I'd just rather be making stuff."

Revealing. Timely. And, it's not just the creatives. There are so many smart, groundbreaking "things" being made these days, that it's hard *Not* to want to be in the "thing" business vs. the "idea" business.

And, this urge to "make" is very much in line with what modern brands *should* be thinking: _do_ something, make something that demonstrates what you believe in vs. just _telling_ us how awesome you are.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a paradigm shift in our lives and culture that will change the way business is done forever.
    I agree human motivation is to want to ‘make’ something, make a mark on your lives or your city or your world. People want to be involved in producing tangible versus conceptual. I also think this is driven by the fact that the entire playing field has shifted.
    The barriers or complexities in ‘making’ something have diminished dramatically over the past 10 years and the difficulties of communicating compelling ideas (the ones that move the needle and are worth paying for) have become astronomical.


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