Report: Be Mobile or Be Dust – Advertising Age – DigitalNext

  • ompanies who are not already engaging with stakeholders via mobile are missing infinite business and revenue-generating opportunities created by exponential mobile growth. And, once mobile is even more pervasive in a few years, businesses who are not in the mobile space risk being squeezed out by competitors.
  • "Mobile" includes voice, data, and video – basically any type of consumer or business content that can now be communicated via the Internet. Businesses must think about how to channel all types of content through mobile , not just one. Developing a website optimized for mobile browsing on a variety of devices is the first step.
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    Not the most penetrating analysis of the space, and filled with hyperbole.

    Question: How should i compare/contrast "mobile" and "internet"? Isn't mobile just a smaller screen for internet stuff: content, apps, connections, networks, tools, etc.?

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