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When Justin and I first met, neither one of us were particularly good cooks. We shared a love of food and a desire to experiment with different recipes and tastes. Cooking-in versus dining-out became our date of choice. We would share recipes, movies, music…in a sexy, playful and totally uninhibited environment.

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Another local (minneapolis) food blog. This one will be good and fun to watch grow! Check out the Miso recipe!

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  1. Jim-
    I’m an Emmy-winning online & TV producer working with a well-known NY Times and book author. We’ve developed what we call Social Media Story Platforms, bringing branded narrative entertainment to social media. We have two Food-related Story Platforms that would be great for GM brands. It’s a new concept in owned media, and I’d love to present to you. Be in touch and I’ll send you some background; we’re anxious not to give our concepts public exposure just yet.
    Best regards,
    Tom Peckenham
    917 742 5111


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