LazyWeb to the Rescue (again): CrowdsMachine finds common links in your stream

I love the web/net culture for so many reasons, but here's the latest
great example
. A couple days ago, i mentioned on twitter that i had a
great idea for an app,
but needed some help to get it to come to life.
Well, not more than a week or so later, i found someone who had built
an app that did, essentially, what i was looking looking for. 

Crowds Machine helps you find the items that would interest you amongst all the blogs, websites, Twitter streams and so on that you read.

You might think of it as your own Digg or Reddit, that includes only users that you pick.

Here's how it works: Sign in with your

account to create your first crowd. Then, populate this crowd with sites that you read
(an easy way to start is to upload an
OPML of all your Google Reader feeds).
Add as many sites as you like – the more the better, as long as these are sites you're interested in.
Crowds Machine will then monitor these sources every day for recurring links.
When it finds links that appears in more than one site, it will add them to the "Current Items" list.

Confused? Take a look at an example crowd's
sources and current items.


(original link to Crowdsmachine via, still one of the best thinkers on the web today)

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