Porter House: Cincinnati Chili

I’m making this Cinncinati Chili recipe tonight. It’s pretty close, i think, to the great Chili Johns chili from Green Bay, WI, which i am having strange cravings for. And, i might add, is considered the best red chili in america from no less an authority than Jane and Michael Stern.

I’ll add PorterHouse to the list of great food blogs i’m reading!


  1. So I made this last Saturday. Absolutely fantastic. Substituted 99% fat free ground turkey breast instead of beef. Substituted Ronzoni “Healthy Harvest” with fiber and omega 3s spaghetti for the spaghetti. Used Hunt’s tomato sauce (of course as a loyal ConAgra Foods dude). And added a few shakes of Tapatio, my all-time favorite hot pepper sauce.
    Thanks for the recipe. I stopped by Jim’s blog expecting marketing insights and ended up with a new favorite weekend chili. Boy the interweb is amazing….


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