Tour de France 2006

There is so much coverage of the Tour these days, more than ever, thanks to the rise of the Americans in the sport. The sport has always been readliy available online, thank god, so cycling dweebs like me could follow every detail (“look at the color of Lance’s socks!” Is Julich using an old Biopace 54 on the front ring?”) and the majore news. Here’s a quick rundown of the sites to use to follow the sport.

Every year, the official page of the Tour de France gets a little better. This year, it’s taken a big leap forward and the site is more rich, more full featured than ever.

Cyclingnews has always been the unofficial homepage for cycling. Obsessive, professional, neat as an economists spreadsheet, the site is phenomenally rich. And, with two to three major updates a day, it’s good for those of us who need a frequent fix. Their live coverage at is what I’lll be reading everyday. It’s a funny (the commentators are obsessed with roadside fauna and drunk fans), accurate and insightful.

The Outside Magazine section on the Tour is pretty good this year. I’ll subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Allan Lim, the coach for Floyd Landis, has signed up to write for Bicycling magazine. I’ll be reading his daily updates on the details of Landis’ performance. Based on Landis’ metrics (power output, pulse, weight, speed, cadence, etc.), Lim willgive us insights into how Landis is doing each day. Nirvana for cycling geeks.

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