The Bursting Point –

Unbelievable. Trust-shattering. Anger. Madness.

I try not to write here about politics. Or, anything really important, for that matter. Unless you can really take the time to craft your comments, blogs aren’t a great place to discuss/debate. But I’ve been so saddened for the lives that have been ruined and devastated in the south, for the loss of essentially everything, that I feel like I have to get some stuff off my chest.

I’ve watched the disaster unfold like everyone else, almost unbelievably. The pictures look like they come from a third world country, not the most powerful, richest nation in the world and are horrifying and immensely saddening. Please donate if you can.

But I’m so fucking angry at the total ineptitude of FEMA and the Homeland Security shitheads. Brown should be imprisoned. And, Bush. Shame. Shame on all of you leaders and beauracrats. You’ve cost lives. Real lives have been lost because of your bad, cruel decisions. Or, your lack of decisions and your inaction.  They knew for days what was heading their way, FEMA made promises and assured the south that there was an "arc of support" coming their way.

These guys can say it much better than I can:

And now, tonight at 11:15, Larry King is lobbing softballs at  Bush Sr (ex: "Does he care about the people down south?") who is offering explanations and defense for his son, explaining Dubya does care, that he’s doing something, evidenced by the billions that he’s committed. But, you know where that’s going already, right?

Maybe it’s time for a revolution out there at FEMA and Homeland Security. Really.

(by the way – and I know this isn’t news – Larry King is the biggest ass-kissing airbag on tv. Shame on him too, for his weak interview with Dubya’s parents. He should have a couple parents on from New Orleans, parents who were scrounging in the filth, forced to loot for something to eat because no one got off their asses to help)

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  1. At the nearby CITCO gas station there was a line of large cars and trucks waiting. A guy driving a SUV was talking to another with a HUMMER.
    He asked , ‘Who do you think is to BLAME for the GAS SHORTAGE?
    I suggested he check out
    There is no time to blame anyone. Love one another


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